Why South Key Inc Travels

Have you seen our social media posts lately of us on our travels?

Before we answer that question, let’s take a look at what South Key Inc does!

South Key Inc works with a variety of world-renowned clients who make it a goal to increase their market share and market penetration across the globe. What South Key Inc does is take that goal and run with it. We’ve been known to complete market penetration of 100% for our clients in multiple markets. Because we deliver, there is a high demand for our services.

So back to the question—

There are two parts to why we travel here at South Key Inc.

#1. To expand our reach with our clients. Through this, we become versatile in understanding new markets and new client systems.

#2. For our team. Arguably the most important.

Everything at South Key Inc roots back to our team. We are successful with our clients because we foster an environment filled with growth, development, leadership, and coaching. We allow our team to flourish in a way that drives and motivates THEM, not the other way around. With that said, we’re able to offer many travel opportunities for our team if they wish to. This could be for fun as a way to reward them for their performance or this could be for expansion, future market penetration, and versatility as noted above.

Over the years, we’ve expanded into over 10 states and overseeing more than 20 markets. Because of this, our network has grown and our need for travel has increased. While we never expect our employees to travel, the desire from our team and clients to do so is captivating leaving us compelled to deliver.

So if you ever see us in a new city, new state, or new country we’re most likely there for not only business but for fun, along with, providing a sense of culture to our people.

We hope you enjoy a look back at some of the places we’ve been to!