Trusting the Process

The phrase, “Trust the process,” has been associated with investing and in sports. The catchphrase has come to mean committing to a goal and trusting that, even through setbacks, a clear and thoughtful effort towards that goal will lead to accomplishment. Let us look at how this mantra holds true for a business: When trying to accomplish a goal in business, there is one thing you can count on – things will go wrong more than they go right, especially in the beginning. Mistakes, setbacks, and competition all happen. It is the nature of the beast. When these things do go wrong there is a question you should try asking, Will I allow this to stop me from achieving my goal? If your answer no, then you are starting to trust the process.

Part of the process of achievement is learning from mistakes; we call this experience. There is no way to rush experience. The only way to gain experience is to do just that – experience it. When things go wrong view it as a learning opportunity to do it again in a better way.

Goals are not achieved in one day, during one event, or after one great idea. Goals are hit by putting in sweat equity day in and day out with a consistent push to make incremental progress. In other words, Baby steps. If you can learn with every setback and maintain a consistent effort towards your goal, then you will start to see progress. Let that progress fuel you over the next hurdle.

Maintain your focus on your goal, expect adversity to hit, and keep going. Trust the process.

-South Key Inc.