🔑 Desire + Intention = Outcome 🔑

This simple equation is just one of the many key takeaways from the 2016 National Conference in Dallas, Texas! 

Last month, the team at South Key set off, motivated and ready to learn from some of the best minds, leaders, and consultants in the industry. We spent two jam-packed days attending breakout sessions, org meetings, a working lunch, and a huge awards dinner to support organizations that went above and beyond this year. Congrats to all that were awarded! 

Here are just a few tidbits from some of our leaders here at South Key who attended the conference and the impact they experienced: “What I really enjoyed seeing was the strong leadership from a woman leader, who explained if we want to live a certain lifestyle you need to work hard at it and don’t stop before you start. The number one person you can always count on is yourself, don’t ever lose sight of your dreams and goals.” – Esperanza

“My favorite experience at the Orlando conference was when business guru and entrepreneur Michael S. was talking to us about finding the positive in everything. He said everything has an opposite, every negative has a positive, and every person/situation has a good side.” – Corrine

“My favorite part of the conference was when we were in the breakouts by group, we had 3 amazing speakers. One thing that really made an impact and was so profound to me was ‘If you want people to bet on you bet on yourself. Desire + Intention=Outcome. No one takes massive action unless someone is emotionally involved or excited about it; so get excited and involved in what you do.” – Dani

“The Dallas national conference was not only inspiring, fun, and informative, but I think it reminded all of us of how relatable successful businessmen and women are. Success does not require an above-average IQ or any secret talent. Winners never quit and that simple theme was apparent from all of the speakers we were so lucky to listen to this weekend.” – Lisa

Many thanks to all the excellent speakers who inspired us to continue striving and working hard to achieve our goals day in and day out. Can’t wait until the next conference!

– South Key