Like many, the last few months have had me behind a computer screen more often than ever before! Here are 3 tips I have if you are overloaded with zoom calls every day!

1. Keep to a Routine

Pre-quarantine most of us operated in a routine. We woke up around the same time every day or – even if we overslept- we had a specific time we had to rush out the door by. Now, with a commute from our bed to our computer, waking up at the last min is more tempting than ever.

2.There’s a plan for that

Most companies have a long-term vision, which is great. However, measuring incremental growth requires strategic planning is broken down over the course of one year, each quarter, every month, and even a week. Breaking down long-term goals into smaller more manageable and measurable goals throughout the year helps people focus on clear actions that need to be taken. Design your plan and follow through.

3.Take care of today first

It is easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged as you try to put your plan into action. It can cause your thoughts to run and doubt to set in. When that happens, shift focus to just today. What is one thing you can put your best effort into to create a small win? Get to work on that today.

4.Take the Win

If you’re at all impatient, like me, you want results and you want them now. Unfortunately, if you have big goals for this year, they will probably take a year to accomplish. Instead of highlighting all the things that still have a long way to go, find where there has been progress. No matter how small the shift, find the areas in your business that are moving forward and celebrate the victory. Starting a new year can feel like a fresh start filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Keeping that excitement up can become harder as the days go on. Focus on daily effort and optimism.

-Andrea Atkinson, President

South Key Inc.