Since 2007

  Redefining the Direct Marketing and Sales Industry

We are South Key Inc. based in Charlotte, NC and we want to help you –and your small business, make money. 

Our professional team specializes in customer engagement and closing sales.

Our team of real people engages real customers and returns real revenue.


Taking action towards big goals can be intimidating. At South Key Inc. we know what it takes to reach potential. We think big and work hard to continuously make progress towards goals. We will continue to push the envelope to attract more customers, increase closing percentages, and build a bigger business!


Our team at South Key Inc. in Charlotte is committed to obtaining new customers. We will develop a value proposition for your products and services that stands out against the competition. Our team will be trained on how to position your product or service to potential buyers. We will prepare for objections and obstacles that will come up and stay laser-focused on the goal of securing new customer revenue.


We know your brand is important to you. At South Key Inc. we take brand reputation and the customer experience seriously. The type of representation you hire matters, and we want to make sure your customers come back! The power of a good experience can help reach more customers and increase brand loyalty. We will do what it takes to keep the five-star reviews coming. At South Key Inc. we believe integrity and professionalism are paramount to creating lucrative partnerships and will make sure you are represented well.

Why We Win.

Trying to engage more customers? Having trouble converting traffic into actual sales?

Many companies are caught up in the ever-changing world of SEO optimization and keyword-filled product descriptions with little to no return on time and effort. We engage customers in person, face to face, and close deals for you. No more worrying about conversion rates or how to read Google analytics. Just real results from real people.


What We Offer:

Specialized Team

Every team member at South Key Inc. in Charlotte will receive in-depth training including one-on-one mentorship with our experienced managers to ensure they are prepared to professionally represent every client. Our team will engage potential customers in an approachable and consultative manner. We train our people to handle objections and concerns professionally, graciously, and effectively.


Armed with the best CRM tools out there, our team at South Key Inc. will track any and all data that will help us determine what’s working, where the areas of opportunity are, and how we can best continue growing your customer base.

Quality Work

From initial customer contact to end-user install or delivery, South Key Inc. team members will ensure a fluid and friendly customer experience. We will set clear expectations with customers, shepherd them through ordering and subscription processes, as well as facilitate follow-up communication, to create a positive customer experience. Our goal is to not only engage customers but lead them through the sales process and retain them!

Proven Results

With over 15 years of experience, the leadership team at South Key Inc. has established a track record of quality results. South Key Inc.’s leadership team has received national recognition for performance working with clients in the telecommunications, food, and business service industries.